Write a book review on any book that you have read

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Write a book review on any book that you have read

A book review is a rather practical task, which not only develops your worldview but may also come in handy when after some time you want to refresh what a certain book is about.

And here we come for help with several steps to follow to get it done. When you have to write a book review, you need to know first of all, whether there are any questions to the book your teacher would like you to cover in it. And you are lucky if there are some, because they may easily work for you as an outline for an essay.

Surprisingly or not, the correct book review starts with a correct reading. Read Look at the deadline and decide how much time you need to finish reading and begin as soon as possible.

Before being swallowed by a hopefully interesting book content, mind these think about the name of the book and what it can stand for look through the table of contents to see how the book is organized and read the introduction or a preface which may contain some necessary information.

With these you may start writing the first rough draft but be sure to make up an outline first. Summarize Remember that a book review is partially a summary and what you have to summarize depends on whether the assigned book belongs to fiction or non-fiction.

A fiction book review will answer some of the questions below: What does the book tell about? Who are the protagonists and antagonists? Do you associate yourself with them? What is the setting? Is it important in the story? What are the exposition, rising action, climax, and resolution?

Whom would you recommend reading it?

write a book review on any book that you have read

Non-fiction book review presupposes your glance on its main idea and other important details; the rest will do the discussion. Discuss Already having plenty of things to tell? Summary and discussion should better be organized either by chapter or by the themes you prefer to disclose but better stick to the chronological order so that your flow of thoughts would be easy to follow.

Usually, non-fiction presents more vivid central idea and your tasks are to explain it within the discussion, present the most vital concepts and tell how it all works.

Ignore small details and look at the whole picture; you may even want to allow some time before writing — time necessary to analyze what you have read and get fresh thoughts. Better reread them by yourself while proofreading.

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Any recipient, whether it is an instructor, a librarian, or your younger brother, seek your ability to explain the stuff clearly. As for fiction, you often need to figure out the central idea on your own, dwelling on one or several possible interpretations.

Read criticism on your book if there is such on the internet. Pay attention to symbols, expressive means, and stylistic devices.

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Organize Organization is the first visible thing your book review is evaluated for. To be high-graded, it must be of proper formatting and style, easily readable and consistent.

Each new idea should start a new paragraph and be supported with further discussion and, optionally, the quotes but not too many.

write a book review on any book that you have read

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Your health, allergies, skin conditions, and mental health will all thank you. Sep 22,  · To write a book review, take thorough notes as you read the book you're reviewing, which will make it easier to write about.

When you're done with the book, ask yourself what the major themes and ideas of the book are, and then judge whether the author did a good job presenting them%().

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