Would better all us if cars were never invented argue pers

Come on, you old wreck. I am so gonna patent this shit. A new era has begun.

Would better all us if cars were never invented argue pers

P All rights reserved. Do not use without written permission from HP. Thank you and good morning. Detroit is a great place to spend a couple of days thinking about the Internet transformation and delivering on technology's promise. This city and its founding industrialists transformed our economy and our lives.

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Henry Ford, by use of the assembly line, and Alfred Sloan, with his management methods, invented modern industrial production and modern corporate structure.

And Walter Chrysler showed that if you could build technological innovations, like four wheel brakes and six cylinder engines, for a mass market, you could walk off with a big chunk of that market.

And Detroit the city, after some glitches in the s, is today the capital of the world auto industry - again. But this city and this industry have also looked into the abyss. We all know what's it's like to be on the wrong side of a revolution. And I would guess there are people in this room, just as in boardrooms and newsrooms around the world, who were still skeptical about the Internet five years - even three years - ago.

They were still skeptical about e-commerce. They were still skeptical that things were really being transformed.

Would better all us if cars were never invented argue pers

I don't think there are any doubters left - at least, not among those of us who work for a living. What I call the Digital Renaissance is the biggest event, the biggest transformation, the biggest challenge that any of us have ever encountered.

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It's also the biggest opportunity, especially for industries like this one - an industry that's demonstrated that you really "get" the revolution that's underway. For an industry with such deep roots in the industrial age and truly big iron, no industry has gone as far in wiring itself inside and out and harnessing the value of the Internet age as this industry.

I salute you for that. What you've already learned and done as you've worked to become e-businesses will be of great value in the next phase of the Internet transformation.

Beyond that, I believe that, in partnership with IT and electronics companies who really get this next phase, you can create a geometric expansion of value wrapped around automobiles. This morning, I'd like to look a little more closely at how much you've already been transformed.

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If I tell you what you already know, forgive me. But it's a good starting place for us to jump to the next level of transformation. Then I'd like to show how the real promise and power for business in the next Internet era lies in capitalizing on the convergence of e-services, information appliances and always-on Internet infrastructure.

And I'd like to show how all of us will need to capitalize on this convergence, or intersection, to transform the customer experience, to transform the value creation process, and to transform entire industries in order to stay competitive.

Like those of us in the technology business and everywhere else, you're halfway into the new world.“Even you would know by now that any sane person (i.e.

us and not you) would look at a blood-covered crackhead and think better of it” That’s a giant assumtion, and I can tell you from significant personal experiance that it is wrong.

The primary reason of the guns, is that they were invented to kill more efficiently. Forget the BS about sport, that did not happen in the 18th century for your average person in the US, at the time of the framing of the second amendment. The end result was basically one of those toy cars that people buy for their five-year-old at Toys R Us.

Weirdly, the Midget Motors company survived and continued to develop cheap mini-cars . The car industry never sleeps (except in August) and every year it provides us with numerous solutions to new problems, and with innovations that make us want new cars even more.

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