Theo 201 short essay 1

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Theo 201 short essay 1

Slow bottom-up HEP research is neither intellectually challenging, nor justified by the null LHC data Ben Allanach has been a well-known supersymmetry researcher in Cambridge, England whose name has appeared a dozen of times on this blog and he wrote a guest blog on ambulance chasing. Because of his seemingly bullish presonality, I was surprised by an essay he wrote for Aeon.

He wants to do things that are more bottom-up such as the bottom mesons a different bottom, the Academia is full of bottoms. I find this description bizarre because SUSY at the LHC is a good example of bottom-up physics in my eyes — and the bottom mesons seem really, really boring.

Allanach wrote that other colleagues have left SUSY-like research before him, everyone has his own calibration when he should give up, and Allanach gave up now.

One theoretical reason he quotes is that SUSY probably doesn't solve the naturalness problem — and aside from the absence of superpartners of the LHC, it also seems that SUSY is incapable of solving other hierarchy problems such as the cosmological constant problem.

So he attributes all the null data — and the disappointment — to the top-down, "reductive" thinking, the thinking whose current flagship is string theory. He wants to pursue the bottom mesons and perhaps a few other "humble" topics like that. I think that I have compressed his essay by several orders of magnitude and nothing substantial is missing.

Theo 201 short essay 1

Where should I start? In AprilI quantified dozens of my subjective probabilities of statements beyond the established level of particle physics. The probabilities go from 0. And I surely wanted the probability to be higher. But that would quantify my wishful thinking. Such a claim about a low-energy experiment doesn't follow from the equations of string theory, from anything that is "characteristically stringy" i.

Someone might envision a non-stringy argument — a slightly rational one or a mostly irrational one — and attribute it to string theory because it sounds better when your ideas are linked to string theory.

Various ideas how naturalness should be applied to effective field theories have nothing to do with string theory per se — on the contrary, string theory is very likely to heavily revolutionize the rules how naturalness should be applied, and it's already doing so.

So Allanach's statement that the null LHC data mean something bad for string theory and similar top-down thinking etc. A correct proposition is Allanach's thesis that for a person who believes in naturalness and is interested in supersymmetry because in combination with naturalness, it seems to predict accessible superpartners at the colliders, the absence of such superpartners reduces the probability that this package of ideas is correct — and people who have pursued this bunch of ideas are likely to gradually give up at some points.

It's correct but mostly irrelevant for me — the main reason why I am confident that supersymmetry is realized in Nature at some scale, possibly one that is inaccessible in practice is that it seems to be a part of the realistic string vacua.

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This is an actual example of the top-down thinking because I am actually starting near the Planck scale. Allanach has presented no top-down argumentation — all his argumentation is bottom-up. Any reasoning based on the naturalness of parameters in effective field theories is unavoidable bottom-up reasoning.

A mostly wrong is his statement that the null LHC data reduce the probability of supersymmetry. But this statement is justifiable to the extent to which the existence of supersymmetry is tied to the naturalness — the extent to which the superpartners are "required" to be light.

If you connect SUSY with the ideas implying that the superpartners must be light, its probability goes down. But more general SUSY models either don't assume the lightness at all, or have various additional — never fully explored — tricks that allow the superpartners to be much heavier or less visible, while still addressing naturalness equally satisfactorily.Logon to the FIM Portal as an account with Sharepoint Administration permissions.

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May 06,  · For decades, it's been almost clear that the neutrinos aren't quite massless.

Theo 201 short essay 1

They have a tiny mass. Since the late s, the measurement of the neutrino masses became the task for actual real-world experiments. Short essay Devine 02/12/ Synonyms for grading student.

Each prompt below to informational and literary composition with sound paragraphs free essays. 1. Thesis should writing out the day by question - 20 minutes on short essay writing in grades 4. Apr 14,  · Theo Short Essay 1 Luo: Warren Brooks Writing Style Used: MLA Course and Section Number: THEO D27 Short Essay on Inspiration and Inerrancy It was a routine morning; I woke up.

Page 1 of 5 THEO Note: Course content may be changed, term to term, without notice. The information below is provided as a guide 1 presentation Short Reflection Essay Quiz 8 .

Sep 28,  · Short Essay # 2 Christology THEO B05 LUO God is not man and man is not God. How then can a man also be God? Maybe this truly is a. story which will take eternity to understand, yet we have been enlightened to some extent by this.

God man called Christ Jesus Himself.

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