The pros and cons of breastfeeding an infant

Graven Breastfeeding is healthy, but how long should babies get nothing else? No more than four months, researchers say.

The pros and cons of breastfeeding an infant


A Natural Health Perspective. June 7, by Lara Briden Comments The hormonal IUD is different from other types of hormonal birth control in that it does not completely suppress ovulation and hormones.

Other good things are that it dramatically decreases menstrual flow and can give some relief for endometriosis. There are, however, a few bad things about Mirena and other types of hormonal IUDs.

Compared to Pills and implants, it delivers a lower dose of progestin.

The pros and cons of breastfeeding an infant

Please see the first Con point below. Officially, fertility returns to normal almost as soon as you remove it. There are also natural treatments for heavy periodswhich work well in younger women, but not so well for the flooding periods of perimenopause.


Mirena is preferable to surgery. For more information, please see Endometriosis: It releases the synthetic steroid levonorgestrel, which is the same progestin used in many Pills and can cause acne, hair losshirsutism, depressionanxiety, headaches, breast pain, yeast infectionsand weight gain.

It damages the vaginal microbiome and increases the risk of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. It suppresses ovulation some of the time. It can cause irregular bleeding and spotting during the first three to six months of use.

But just to clarify: One woman described IUD-insertion this way: Perforation occurs in 0. If and when you want it out, you will need to see your doctor. I prefer non-hormonal methods such as condoms, fertility awareness methodsDaysyand copper IUD.

So, as a realist, I will say there are times when Mirena is needed, and it is often a better choice than surgery or full-dose hormonal birth control. Also, because Mirena permits some normal hormonal cycling, I view it as the least harmful of all the types of hormonal birth control.

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Breastfeeding Baby Breast milk is the perfect food for baby, with numerous advantages over baby formula, especially in the first four months or so. Here's why. Timing is everything. The old belief that boys should be circumcised within 48 hours of delivery is not in the best interest of the infant or the mother.

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