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Jeffrey smart

The plugin's menu items are highlighted in red If the number of items is a bit overwhelming, you can configure the plugin to omit the menu items you don't need.

With it you can geoencode and reverse-geoencode your photos in various ways. Personally, I use this geoencoding dialog so much that I assigned a keyboard shortcut to it. You can assign your own keyboard shortcuts, as described here.

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The Main Geoencoding Dialog This plugins's geoencoding dialog looks like this: The Tracklog Tab Lightroom has tracklog support built in, but this plugin's tracklog support is far superior: In addition to the latitude and longitude, this plugin actually fills in the altitude from the tracklog, which Lightroom's built-in support inexplicably ignores.

This plugin can handle multiple tracklogs at once. This plugin has no built-in limit on the size of the tracklogs. The plugin can handle almost any kind of tracklog format not just GPX like Lightroom's built-in support via automatic conversion with gpsbabel.

The plugin also has built-in support for the incorrectly-formatted tracklog files produced by some popular phone location-tracking apps.

The handling of timezone offset is clear and actually works. You can easily compensate for a camera clock that was off a bit. You can easily view the tracklog in Google Earth.

Jeffrey smart

As of version The idea is that if you for example enter a restaurant for an hour, you might end up with an hour's gap in the tracklog, bookmarked by datapoints near the front door.

It's not ideal, but perhaps better than nothing. On the other hand, if you for example entered a subway and rode a long distance to where you had desert, then returned to emerge out from the same subway entrance, you'd not want to use this feature because the where you took the photo would be a great distance from the gap locations the entrance and exit of the subwayeven though those two locations are themselves close to each other.

This plugin supported tracklog geoencoding for years before Lightroom supported any kind of geoencoding. I've geoencoded all my photos with it since ; Lightroom didn't get built-in geoencoding until The passion and care I have for geoencoding comes out in the many features this plugin has.

This method of geoencoding was particularly useful before Lightroom added the Map Module in Lr4, but it can still be useful when you need to cut-n-paste a location from outside of Lightroom.

This tab allows you to apply locations two photos between two points as if you were moving at a constant speed between them. It's useful only in fairly specific cases. The plugin can reverse-geoencode via a service that Google most generously supplies, just as Lightroom's built-in support, but the plugin is much smarter about how it interprets and formats the results.


The right half of the tab shows my personal settings for a powerful feature that Lightroom lacks completely: For example, on a private Google Maps map that you maintain in your browser, you might draw the outline around your kid's school and mark it with the name of the school.

This tab allows you to bring up a dialog where you can scroll through images one by one, geoencoding and reverse-geoencoding in various ways. It can be a bit kludgy because of the limits Lightroom places on a plugin's ability to create a dialog, but the plugin goes to great lengths to make it useful.

It's not a tab one needs for most workflows, but it can be convenient at times. This tab lets you do a few random extra things, including configure the kind of mapping URL gets associated with images geoencoded by the plugin so that from Library you can just click on the link and see the location in your preferred mapping service.The Dollarization Discipline: How Smart Companies Create Customer Value and Profit from It [Jeffrey J.

Fox, Richard C. Gregory] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How companies turn value-added into real profits The Dollarization Discipline shows organizations and marketers howto effectively communicate the economic value created by theirproducts and services.

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