Heriot-watt university dissertation

The tax year An important concept for Income Tax is that of the 'tax year'. A tax year differs from a calendar year in that it begins on 6 April and ends on the following 5 April. Every tax year is looked at in isolation from all others when considering the amount of Income Tax due in relation to that year.

Heriot-watt university dissertation

We once experienced similar difficultiesand empathise with the confusion and lack of confidence that flows frombeing unclear whether you have really understood terms such as methodology,ontology or epistemology.

We set out to produce a text that dealt with twoproblems. The first was to provide something that guides novice researchersthrough the whole process from identifying a topic to the writing up offindings via engagement with the literature and a brief overview of bothqualitative and quantitative techniques.

Here we wanted tooffer a structured approach to familiarising yourself with the terminologyand to demonstrate how a nested set of descriptions builds towards a coherent,comprehensive and consistent articulation of your research paradigm.

Heriot-watt university dissertation

We are indebted to our colleagues for their help in delivering on the firstof these two problems in the first edition of the book. This was achieved ata pace which seemed frankly ridiculous but which produced a remarkablycoherent guide for novice researchers.

For this reason, the second edition features some relatively minorchanges to many chapters and a complete rewrite of our account of researchphilosophy. Central to the revised text is the methods map see Chapter 4 ,which sets out a logical process for researchers to articulate their positionin relation to five key aspects of their research philosophy.

We have roadtested this approach with many colleagues and students to ensure that it isclear and concise. In addition, we have developed a free app to accompanythe book and this enables novice researcher to quickly develop a comprehensivejustification of their particular research design in an interactive way.

Heriot-watt university dissertation

We would acknowledge that the methods map makes some simplificationsand would suggest that for all but the most sophisticated of purposes, thisis entirely appropriate. Indeed, if you are well enough versed in the philosophicalnuances of knowledge explored in the method map then you areprobably not part of our intended audience since you already possess theskills, confidence and capacity to articulate and defend the underpinningphilosophical assumptions of your research.

AB - After many years of working with undergraduate, postgraduate and researchstudents we recognise only too well the struggles that they often experiencewrestling with the somewhat strange and seemingly obtuse language usedto describe research philosophy.Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University University rank # (QS) Edinburgh, United Kingdom Whereas a PhD will develop professional researchers, this DBA will enable you to use research methods to define, implement and evaluate the strategies necessary for your business.

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Have your voice heard! Take the survey. The following table offers a suggested structure and approximate word count for a dissertation. This is designed to be altered according to the needs of the researcher, . • Dissertation Presentation Day (some programmes only: see Appendix 1 for further details) • Dissertation Proposal Hand-in and final approval by academic supervisor.

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