Essay questions about the trojan war

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Essay questions about the trojan war

The Commencing of the Trojan War Approximately thirty centuries ago, on a distant land known as Troy, a colossal war raged between Grecians and Trojans on behalf of three discrete reasons.

As a result of this war, many lives were lost but the relentless Grecians eventually triumphed after ten tumultuous years. This grave war was fought because of the capture of Helen, the most beautiful and benevolent woman in all of Greece. It is said that the apprehension of Helen was a result of the tragic curse on the House of Atreuis.

However, others believe the Trojan War occurred on account of Heracles mercy. There could be an ample amount of reasons that can determine why exactly the Trojan War started, but the three primary reasons were, the First Fall of Troy, the Judgement of Paris, and the solemn curse on the House of Atreuis.

After the treacherous ruler of Troy cheated Heracles out of a well-earned remuneration, an enraged Heracles lawfully retaliated with a large army. Amidst the detainees was princess Hesione. She was the beautiful daughter of Laomeden and had once been rescued from an enormous sea monster by none other than the great Heracles.

Heracles said that the princess would be given to his dear friend Telamon and she should choose a captive to go free as a wedding gift. As one would think, she requested that her brother Podarces be permitted to live as a spoil of war. She promised that Podarces would reconstruct the city of Troy and rule justly.

The honorable Heracles mercifully spared Podarces and left the fallen city of Troy with his followers. Podarces, along with the villagers of the town, rebuilt Troy far better than it ever was. Podarces had many children with his new wife Hecuba. The most renowned child of Podarces and Hecuba was Paris, the eventual assessor of the goddesses and captor of Helen.

Essay questions about the trojan war

The initial fall of Troy and the curse on the House of Atreuis indirectly intertwine and together cause the Trojan War. Tantalus was a mortal, and yet he was allowed to dine with the gods as they ate their sweet nectar and consumed ambrosia in copious amounts.

Tantalus was devious and thought himself equal to the great Olympians. In order to ascertain his theory, he invited all the gods to a banquet on earth. The meal that Tantalus provided was very repulsive and inhumane. The special appetizer that Tantalus served was of his own son Pelops.

Nevertheless, the gods quickly understood what had occurred and became tremendously upset. As a punishment, the gods declared that Tantalus would forever be tormented in the under world.

The gods almost instantaneously banished Tantalus to Tartarus and instilled in him an everlasting hunger and thirst. Zeus and the other Olympians resurrected Pelops, but not before they cursed the many generations that would come after him and Tantalus.

It followed Niobe and Atreus, Thyestes and Pittheus, and in due course it trickled down to Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon.

According to Arthurian legends, at what age did Arthur become King of Britain?

Menelaus not only was a successor of his abhorrent forefather but he also was the husband of Helen. Menelaus was forced to go to Troy along with is brother Agamemnon following the cruel kidnapping of Helen. Prior to marrying Helen, Menelaus, his brother, and the entire Grecian nation promised to protect Helen at all costs.

Thus, this promise, enticed Menelaus, Agamemnon, and the people of Greece to rescue Helen from the powerful city of Troy at any expense. The price they had to pay for the security of Helen was far greater than they had expected.

After all, the fight of her resulted in the devastating Trojan War. When Eris, goddess of Discord, was not invited to the wedding of King Peleus and Thetis, much turmoil surfaced. The goddesses all yearned for the golden Apple but the choices were soon withered down to three: Hera, Athena, and of course Aphrodite.Introduction Though perhaps best known throughout the world for his science fiction, Isaac Asimov was also regarded as one of the great explainers of science.

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Essay questions about the trojan war

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In addition to this, a great rivalry for the control of the Aegean territory was also one of the reasons for this war (“The Trojan War”). Although it was not clearly defined that the Trojan War was indeed a struggle between the Greeks and the Trojans, the aspects which showed that there had been a war within the lands of the Trojans and the Greeks were evident.

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