Does the uk need nuclear power stations essay

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Does the uk need nuclear power stations essay

Overview Nuclear power can bridge a potential energy gap by supplying safe, secure and affordable low-carbon electricity.

Our nuclear strategy To provide the UK with a secure energy supply, we need a diverse and balanced energy mix, rather than relying too heavily on a small number of energy sources.

But the intermittency and cost of harnessing some renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy means that we need other sources to supplement them. Nuclear power stations are ideally placed to fulfil this role, as they can generate low-carbon electricity reliably and affordably for many years.

The future of new nuclear EDF Energy proposes to build two new power stations: They would each have a generating capacity of 3. The company currently operates 15 nuclear reactors in the UK, with a total installed capacity of just under 8. France is now the second largest generator of nuclear power in the world, after the United States.

EDF Group has significant experience of commissioning, operating and decommissioning nuclear power stations. We understand the finances of building new nuclear power stations and we are confident they can be built, run and eventually shut down safely.

Safety record The UK has used nuclear power since During that time there has never been an incident at a civil nuclear power station that has required action to protect the public. Nuclear power stations in the UK operate to extremely high safety standards.

Nuclear Energy Basics: Why Nuclear Power?

The remit of the ONR is to provide efficient and effective regulation of the nuclear industry, holding it to account on behalf of the public, while the Environment Agency EA and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency SEPA oversee the environmental impact of nuclear operations.

Nuclear power stations are not allowed to operate without appropriate licences, and operators must demonstrate that they comply with all relevant laws and have plans to cover all site activities — including dealing with any emergency that might arise.

Implications of nuclear Nuclear vs. While we continue to invest in renewable sources of energy such as wind, we believe this diverse mix must include nuclear. Nuclear power stations can be relied upon to generate at times of peak demand. They offer a wide range of socio-economic benefits to the communities around them and are cost-competitive with all other forms of electricity generation, including renewables.

Modern nuclear plants can run for long periods between closures for maintenance or refuelling. Uranium, the raw material for nuclear fuel, is relatively abundant, stable in supply and inexpensive compared with fossil fuels.

As part of a diverse energy mix, nuclear power can help to ensure the UK has a safe, secure and affordable electricity supply for many decades to come.

Is nuclear power safe? Safety is always our number one priority and one of the core business objectives that inform all EDF Energy operations. Our existing fleet of nuclear power stations is designed to be safe and reliable, with systems at each plant that provide defence in depth through multiple layers of redundancy.

A number of different systems perform the same function, so that the safety of the station does not depend on any single feature. Potential hazards that could affect the stations — including extreme climatic and geo-physical events such as tsunamis and earthquakes — are also assessed and measures taken to ensure safety.

Teams that work in nuclear power stations assess every aspect of each procedure before starting work, performing according to plans and continually reviewing what they have done.

Our training centres also include nuclear power station control room simulators, where engineers and operations staff learn to master the instrumentation.

The UK nuclear industry has a strong safety record. According to the Health and Safety Executive HSEthe safety regime the new plants will have to follow is one of the most exacting in the world. The Environment Agency EA will also monitor the environmental impact of constructing, operating and decommissioning them.

Where will we build these nuclear power stations? We plan to build two new power stations: Both sites have been home to nuclear stations for many years — the geography is right, local communities are familiar with nuclear power stations and much of the necessary infrastructure is already in place.

Opportunity for local communities Creating lasting economic and social benefit for the communities surrounding our new and operational sites is a priority. Each new power station will take a number of years to build and EDF Energy is committed to mitigating the impacts of construction. During the construction of each station 25, job opportunities will be created, with 5, people employed on site at the peak of construction.

EDF Energy is committed to enhancing local education and skills provision in the areas in which we operate: Our commitment ensures that local people are supported in both finding and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the project.

Opportunities and financial benefit will also extend throughout the supply chain. More about nuclear Nuclear power is energy contained in atoms — released as heat from a chain reaction in a radioactive element such as uranium.

Nuclear power stations use this heat to produce steam to drive turbines to generate electricity.Nuclear Power Sample Essay I’m against atomic power because in my sentiment it is really unsafe largely for the population that live in the country of a atomic power works - Nuclear Power Sample Essay introduction.

Does the uk need nuclear power stations essay

but besides for the environment and in by and large for the wellness of all the Earth. Below you will find a nuclear energy pros and cons list, which covers the most important aspects of typical nuclear power plants.

the methods we use to harness nuclear energy will get better in the next coming years. The question is: Do we need nuclear power or are the renewables a better choice? I am doing an essay on Nuclear Power. Why we still need nuclear power Foreign Affairs (Nov/Dec ) The NRC also proposed regulations that would require nuclear power stations to have systems in place to allow them to remain safe if cut off from outside power and access for up to three days.

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The main reason that people believe nuclear power should be banned is that there is always the risk of a spillage of nuclear gases, or a leak in the power stations, which would have a great impact on humans health.

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