Decline in moral values speech

Pay only for approved parts Speech on Moral Values in Life: There are some rules which require from people the service to society. Their appearance and existence are dictated by the objective necessity of collective life.

Decline in moral values speech

Most of our lives today revolve about out us, our needs, our wants, our self, our ego and our desire. We have started evaluating people, friendships and relationships in terms of money. Our basic ability to feel and empathize for the suffering of the poor and the unfortunate seems to be waning.

Individuals across the globe, most of them, today suffer from avarice and selfishness. There seems to be a lack of ethics, morals and values in our lives. Spirituality and humanity seems to be on the decline.

People can walk in front of homeless and poor people and do nothing to alleviate their misery. Old people are placed in retirement homes for their children are unwilling to care for them in their old age.


Sadism has drifted into societies and in USA, there are regular events of people bullying the homeless. Laws have been drafted in seventy US cities making feeding the homeless a crime. Where is this sadism coming from? It is a basic human gesture which should be welcomed and not shunned.

Should people who are poor be left to the dogs? Today within the USA, one woman is raped every seconds. Now that is a shame.

When I look at this statistic, it is a horrifying one which tells me that there is seriously something wrong within the US society. Another statistic of horrifying proportions is the fact that there are roughlyteenage pregnancies in the USA each year. And most of these young women either turn to abortion or they become single parents in the process.

Millions of people are missing within the United States today and their whereabouts are a mystery. One in four American is mentally diseased and suffers from depression. The country with the highest rate of homicides is America. The birth of pornography took place in USA.

A Brief History of Moral Education

Homosexuality and same sex marriages have been approved and ratified in the USA. The American school system is in abysmal state of decline. The judiciary in USA is corrupt. The enforcement of morals and ethics within any society are a foundation for the type of men and women it produces.

Are the citizens going to be people endowed with knowledge, virtue, selflessness and compassion or are they going to be greedy, avaricious, selfish degenerates who care less about what is right and wrong within society and nation?Lets not forget one of the biggest contributing factors towards cultural decline: Economic collapse.

The high levels of unemployment and hyperinflation growing out of control, also contributes greatly towards the collapse of society on an unprecedented scale. Full text and audio and video of Ronald Reagan's Address to the National Association of Evangelicals.

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Decline in moral values speech

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