Capgemini interview

The student should be a regular full-time student. I fulfilled this criterion, so I was eligible to participate in the drive. The selection process had three rounds: The pattern of the test was as follows:

Capgemini interview

The Capgemini Consulting career path is pretty industry standard: During those 2 years, they have access to great training and mentorship opportunities to help push them forward. Internships Capgemini interview Consulting offers a limited number of internships in different locations across the world.

The internships are usually weeks long with a 3-week summer holiday in July typical French — a holiday during an internship! To apply for internships online, you must submit an application letter, CV, and academic results between August 1st and October 1st.

Target schools in the U. Exit Opportunities Because the Capgemini skill set is 1 part business and 1 part technology, the exit opportunities into blended business and tech roles Capgemini interview virtually endless.

That being said, a small handful of Capgemini Consulting alumni have landed a position at MBB firms, either as senior managers or through the doorway of a top MBA program, while several other alumni have moved on to work at other consulting firms like IBM GBS, Accenture, Deloitte and technology companies like Microsoft and Apple.

However, realize that you will be branded as a technologist at least until you move to your next role, and the longer you stay the less your pay and responsibility will escalate vs.

So, why go work for Capgemini Consulting? The consulting practice, in particular, has a small, close-knit environment with great opportunities to learn.

You also get broad exposure to technology tools, which can be great for job security going forward. In summary — Capgemini Consulting is a great place to learn, especially at junior levels, and an awesome place to move toward business from pure tech, but not somewhere you want to start if your focus is MBB your technologist brand will be hard to overcome with the exception of McKinsey BTO or plan to make it your entire career.

Core Values Since its inception inCapgemini has had these 7 core values: Honesty — The firm aims to be above reproach by refusing unfair business practices. Capgemini encourages integrity, loyalty, and uprightness.

Boldness — Capgemini encourages boldness, balanced with clear-sightedness and prudence, particularly in regards to entrepreneurship. Trust — Capgemini encourages its leaders to empower the individuals and teams under their care. Freedom — The company praises independence of mind, creativity, innovation, and encourages respect for others thoughts, customs, and background.

Team Spirit — Attributes like friendship, loyalty, and generosity are encouraged with other employees as well as clients. Capgemini believes it is important to have a vision for fun. The second round interview is conducted either in-person or on the phone by a consultant or someone more junior, while the 3rd round is almost always conducted in the office with someone at a more senior level.

Depending on region and your background, Capgemini Consulting may have you go through a 4th round as well. The whole interview process usually contains a significant portion of fit and behavioral questions and a few situational case or brainteaser questions.

Target Schools Capgemini Consulting recruits from a significant number of top universities worldwide. Diversity Programs With all of the rapid growth, Capgemini has experienced in the last 10 years, the firm has lost some of its cohesive one-firm culture.

Sincethe firm has made continuous effort to push global diversity initiatives across the whole group and have even won awards for their diversity programs.

Capgemini does not have formally organized groups for key affinity areas, but has 3 main focus areas: LGBT Women Underrepresented Geographies The firm does have partnerships with key external focus groups that help with recruitment and work support in specific regions.Friends,I got the offer letter from Capgemini and they said you still have to face the final client round.

I wanted to know what is the interview process at Capgemini? And is there any chances of getting rejected at the client round?

Interview candidates at Capgemini Consulting rate the interview process an overall positive experience. Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for Capgemini Consulting is average.

Capgemini interview

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Capgemini’s Analyst Relations team provides a single point of contact for market analysts to find. Business innovation is a hot topic these days.

Capgemini interview

In a March survey by CapGemini Consulting, two-thirds of respondents said they are working on developing a culture of innovation, and the percentage.

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