4 p s of jet airways

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4 p s of jet airways

At the time, he had logged 19, total flight hours, including 4, in an A; he was also a glider pilot and expert on aviation safety.


Skiles, 49, [13] [15] [16] had accrued 15, career flight hours, but this was his first Airbus A assignment since qualifying to fly it. Air traffic control audio from about time of bird strike until ditching 3: With Skiles in control, the crew made its first report after becoming airborne at 3: Alternative trajectories to Teterboro dark blue and back toward La Guardia magenta were simulated for the investigation.

The pilots' view was filled with the large birds; [22] [23] passengers and crew heard very loud bangs and saw flames from the engines, followed by silence and an odor of fuel. We've lost thrust on both engines.

We're turning back towards LaGuardia". We're gonna be in the Hudson". About ninety seconds later, at 3: Flight attendants compared the ditching to a "hard landing" with "one impact, no bounce, then a gradual deceleration.

A panicked passenger opened 4 p s of jet airways rear door, which a flight attendant was unable to reseal. Others stood on the wings or, fearing an explosion, swam away from the plane. Kean both arrived within minutes [47] [48] and began taking people aboard using a Jason's cradle. Sullenberger advised the ferry crews to rescue those on the wings first, as they were in more jeopardy than those on the slides, which detached to become life rafts.

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The aircraft tied up alongside Battery Park City. There were five serious injuries, [2] including a deep laceration in flight attendant Doreen Welsh's leg.

One passenger now wears glasses because of eye damage from jet fuel. The initial National Transportation Safety Board NTSB evaluation that the plane had lost thrust after a bird strike [70] [71] [72] was confirmed by analysis of the cockpit voice and flight data recorders.

A faulty temperature sensor was replaced, and inspection verified the engine had not been damaged in that incident. Five booster inlet guide vanes are fractured and eight outlet guide vanes are missing.

The bird remains [76] [81] were later identified by DNA testing to be Canada geesewhich typically weigh more than engines are designed to withstand ingesting. Contributing factors were good visibility and a fast response from the ferry operators and emergency responders.

The report also makes a range of recommendations to improve safety in such situations.

4 p s of jet airways

Author and pilot William Langewiesche asserted that insufficient credit was given to the A's fly-by-wire design, by which the pilot uses a side-stick to make control inputs to the flight control computers.

The computers then impose adjustments and limits of their own to keep the plane stable, which the pilot cannot override even in an emergency. This design allowed the pilots of Flight to concentrate on engine restart and deciding the course, without the burden of manually adjusting the glidepath to reduce the plane's rate of descent.


To have safely executed this emergency ditching and evacuation, with the loss of no lives, is a heroic and unique aviation achievement. These people knew what they were supposed to do and they did it and as a result, no lives were lost.

I believe now we have had a Miracle on the Hudson. Bush said he was "inspired by the skill and heroism of the flight crew," and praised the emergency responders and volunteers. Balancing Safety and Accountability. Present were members of the U.

At the end of his final flight he was reunited with Skiles and a number of the passengers from Flight Various television reports and documentaries produced soon afterwards contained extensive video of the ditching and rescue, and recorded interviews with the aircrew, passengers, rescuers, and other key participants.

On February 8,the CBS program 60 Minutes broadcast three segments that included interviews with the aircrew as well as their reunion with passengers.

The program aired again on July 5, Saving Souls In Minutes" [] "Flight Dan Ashley talked to Captain and Mrs. Sullenberger about their experiences during and since the accident. Inside The Hudson Plane Crash. The lyrics of the second verse describe the water landing and the survival of the passengers and crew, as well as alluding to the freezing river.NEW DELHI: Crisis-ridden Jet Airways has reported a loss of Rs 1, crore in the July-September, , period versus a profit of Rs crore in same quarter previous fiscal.

This is the third Rs 1, crore plus quarterly loss in a row for Jet which had lost Rs 1, crore in the April-June, , quarter, versus a profit of Rs crore. Nov 16,  · Shares of Jet Airways Friday surged over 8 per cent ahead of a meeting of Tata Sons’ board, which is likely to discuss buyout of the cash-strapped airline.

The scrip of the airline soared for the fourth consecutive day on Friday. Jet Airways won't be able to fly beyond 60 days unless cost-cutting measures, including pay cuts, are put in place, and it has approached investment bankers again to help sell a stake in the carrier, local media reports said on Friday.

Saudi Arabia’s Aviation Investigation Bureau (AIB) on Monday said the Mumbai-bound Jet Airways Boeing , involved in an incident of skidding and evacuation of passengers, was trying to take.

India's Jet airways chairman Naresh Goyal (R) speaks as James Hogan, chief executive officer of Etihad Airways, watches during a news conference in Mumbai on August 11, Saudi Arabia’s Aviation Investigation Bureau (AIB) on Monday said the Mumbai-bound Jet Airways Boeing , involved in an incident of skidding and evacuation of passengers, was trying to take.

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